Q: What is e-Waste?

A: E-waste is described as electronic waste that is no longer in use or has no value for resale to go back into a reusable environment.

Q: Should I select a certified recycler for electronics?

A: The short answer is yes. There are two standards for electronic recycling and you should always use a company that has one of these benchmarks. Atlanta Recycling Solutions chose the R2 standard as our standard for electronic recycling. If a vendor has either one of these certifications, it tells you that they have invested significant money and time to ensure the standards are being met on an ongoing basis. These certifications tell you they have audited their downstream vendors. A recycling facility is certified at the facility level. A multi-facility or national organization must independently certify each of their locations.

Q: Are there costs involved in processing electronic waste?

A: Most equipment can be broken down and will have value as scrap, but not all equipment does. The cost cannot always be covered by the value of the material. CRT tubes have a direct cost to be processed because they have to be sent to a downstream vendor who specializes in the handling of glass, plus there is a cost to transport this particular item.

Q: Why can’t the vendor process CRT devices free?

A: Be careful of the vendor who says they can process your CRT or televisions for free because it could be a warning to you that they may not be doing it in an environmentally correct or certified manner.

Q: Does your recycler carry general liability insurance?

A: Please ask your recycler to have you listed as an additionally insured business on their insurance certificate if they are scheduling a pickup at your facility.  It is a red flag if they cannot provide insurance for their company.

Q: How much equipment goes in the landfill?

A: The answer should be none, except for daily trash.

Q: What are your methods for data destruction?

A:  There are various ways for data destruction, but all destruction should follow the Department of Defense standards. Please see the following link to read about the criteria.

View the Standards Here

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